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Nov 092009

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This month’s excerpt is drawn from Revealed. I decided to continue where we left off last month’s excerpt where Barrington and Marcia were paired up at dinner and he has no clue why she’s so standoffish with him. She can’t believe even he has forgotten the incident which solidified her introverted tendencies, when after all he was to blame, too bad if he didn’t know her identity at the time.

As always, any comments or criticisms are welcome.

The man was impossible to ignore. All her attempts failed. She never expected to be betrayed by her own proper upbringing. Good manners had allowed him get around her defenses. She had felt obliged to reply, conditioned as she had been in the nursery and schoolroom.

Would you please pass the salt?

As she savored the warm, husky tones in which he had delivered that line, warmth flooded her cheeks. Then she noticed the flower precariously balanced on the edge of her plate. She plucked the bloom from her plate and tucked it into her lap, hoping no one else had seen.

She couldn’t afford to allow herself to be drawn in by his boyish charm and devilish good looks again. She admitted to being mystified and intrigued by his attention to her tonight.

Could it be true? Had everyone, as Daphne claimed, but her forgotten the incident six years ago? Marcia didn’t think it possible even Lord Barrington had put the incident from his mind. She didn’t think she liked what that revealed about her.

“What do you want?” She allowed her anger to thrum beneath her whisper. She strained to keep her voice low enough to avoid being overhead by anyone else at the table.

“To pass an enjoyable evening.” He leaned closer so he could whisper just as quietly. He glanced, once again, to where the Duchess sat. He was as nervous as an errant schoolboy afraid of being caught, which made no sense since the Duchess had, so obviously, paired them off earlier.

“Then why disturb mine?”

“You do not mean to tell me that you enjoy wooden conversation with youths barely old enough to shave. Do you?”

“I enjoy conversing with gentlemen who know how to behave as such.”

A fleeting look of hurt and guilt flashed across his face. Perhaps he hadn’t forgotten.

“I assure you, last night was an aberration. Put it from your mind.”

Last night? She frowned, recalling Lady Henrietta’s mention of Barrington’s name linked with scandal from the previous night. He had forgotten too.

“It shan’t happen again. Your reputation will not suffer as my dinner companion tonight.” His gaze darted from the Duchess to the Duke and back again. “I am on my best behavior.”

“I referred not to last night, my Lord. However, if you feel you should bear the burden of guilt, I shall not stop you.” She sniffed, taking another bite of beef.

“I do not recall giving offense, so I must assume my reputation has once again preceded me. Why do you dislike me so?” The intensity of his gaze bore into her until she was almost convinced the secret of his existence might hinge upon her response.

She took great care to finish chewing and swallowed before she replied. “Dislike you, my Lord?” Dislike didn’t begin to describe the range of feelings she had harbored over the years.

“How, then, would you describe your attitude toward me, if not as one of dislike?” She tried to ignore the quirk of his eyebrow and focused once again on her plate.

“I fail to comprehend your meaning, my Lord.” Her throat was tight and dry. Swallowing only emphasized how her tongue no longer fit behind her teeth. She reached for her wineglass. Concentration slowed the tremors in her hand to an occasional twitch and she managed a sip of wine without splashing any on her dress or placing the fine white linen tablecloth in danger.

“I’ve seen you at various events around Town. You don’t look at me. You look through me.”

He had been watching her? How long? In an effort to distract her self from those disturbing thoughts, she set the wine glass on the table, placing it far out of her reach, lest it topple.

“At first, I thought you merely shy and reserved.”

She nodded. That was certainly not a closely held secret.

“Then I noticed not everyone is held at bay. You are very close to Lady Daphne Holtcombe, are you not?”

She nodded again, attempting to puzzle out his purpose, if indeed he had one beyond irritating her.

“Neither do you shun the company of every gentleman at many events.”

He phrased his words as a statement, not a question. She swallowed uncomfortably. The piece of meat hadn’t seemed so tough a moment ago. She decided no response was required of her.

“So I am left with the impression you harbor a certain, personal dislike for me.”

“It is not personal, my Lord.” She hated lying, but if he didn’t remember his part in her utter humiliation, she refused to be the one to remind him.

Maybe she would have to admit Daphne was right if even Barrington had forgotten the incident. She needed to put the past behind her and move on.

“I am nothing like my mother. I find no joy in crowds nor in making small talk with strangers.”

“You also have a peculiar notion as to what passes for small talk as well.”

As he formed the word ‘peculiar’, she scrutinized his mouth, fascinated by the luscious shape of his lips. Memories of the kiss they’d shared rushed back to her.

“My Lord, I…” Her protest tapered off half-formed on her lips as she tried to slam the door on the memories flooding from the dark hollow in her heart where she had crammed them when she ran from her tormentors all those years ago.

“When was the last time you considered furthering an acquaintance?” As he turned to look her in the eye, his knee brushed against her skirts.

“I-I’m n-not sure, my Lord.” Six years ago. Just a mere three weeks shy of six years.

“You should try it sometime.” With that, he turned back to his meal, his attention and patience withdrawn.

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  1. Very nice, Kaige. I enjoyed this little conversation.

    • Thanks, Debbie! Glad you liked it. I’m reading through the others this week a few at a time, so I don’t get completely sucked in and forget to do my word count too! Looking forward to reading yours!

  2. very nice. 🙂

  3. I love the little details here – the flower on her plate, the hints of their past. Very delicately done.

    • Thanks Jeannie. I just hope I didn’t hit the reader too much over the head after the previous excerpt. One of these days I’m going back to this one and ironing out the problems with it. I love these two characters, but it’s still not quite clicking for me overall.

  4. I really enjoyed this. It gave me a definite feel for the dinner table & the historical setting. I hope you do get back to it.

    • Glad you liked it, Ella. It’s definitely on my list to work on. I don’t know if it’ll be the next project, but if not, the one after. I just need to figure out the details of Barrington’s side of the story. LOL

  5. I LOVED the first paragraph. The first lines really drew me in and the rest just kept me hooked. Loved it!

    • Aw, thanks Mel! You’re making me want to go work on this one when I have to finish BHT!

      Now, if I can just figure out how to keep that line taught from page one through to the end. LOL

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