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Feb 242013

Weekly Photo 8/52 for 2013: Fungi by Kristen Koster on Flickr

Today’s weekly photo post is of the giant fungi growing on our dying willow tree. There are several of this variety at the base of the trunk and on a couple of the higher branches. There’s also small white fungi along the upper branches that almost make it look snow covered. Yeah. Not likely here, right?

We’re going to have to call someone to take this tree down. One substantial branch already fell and several more were trimmed off. It’s a pretty sad-looking specimen at this point.

Settings: Sony SLT-A33 • 1/500 • ƒ/5.6 • ISO 100 • 250 mm

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  1. That’s a gorgeous shot! What lens and camera did you use?

    • Thanks, Anissa. I forgot to add the EXIF info at the bottom of this one. I’ve been trying to add that kind of info this year. I’ll edit the post to add that in.

      But to answer your question, I have a Sony SLT-A33 and I typically have a Tamron 75-300mm lens on it. Sometimes, I’ll use the one that came with it which I believe is an 18-55mm. I love the color response this camera has. We went to Old town LA a while back and the difference between my photos and Raph’s from that day are really noticeable with all the bright colors.

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