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The Collected Regency Primer Series

Regency Resources IconA Primer on the Royal Family of the Regency
A Primer on Regency Peerage and Precedence
A Regency London Landmark Primer
A Regency Primer on London Parks
A Regency Primer on Vauxhall Gardens
A Primer on Regency Landmarks Beyond London
A Regency Marriage Primer
A Regency Primer on Annulment and Divorce
A Regency Era Carriage Primer
A Primer on Regency Era Women’s Fashion
A Primer on Regency Era Men’s Fashion
A Regency Primer on 3 Ways to Tie A Cravat
A Primer on Servants in the Regency Era
A Primer on Currency in the Regency Era
A Primer on Lawyers in the Regency Era
A Regency Primer on Christmastide & New Year’s
A Regency Primer on Twelfth Night & Wassailing
A Regency Primer on The Last Frost Fair
A Regency Primer on How to Play Whist
A Regency Primer on How to Play Hazard

General Regency Resources

The Age of George III
The Prince Regent
King George III and Regency England
Who’s Who In Georgian EnglandIsobel Carr‘s page that includes portraits & bios of the previous generation’s notable personages
English Regency – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Regency Page
A Guide to English Culture, 1660 – 1830 — A more social history of the period- some bad links.
History of England — From the reign of Henry IV to the death of Charles I – an electronic version of Austen’s history, with illustrations.
Deb’s Historical Page Links galore
The Regency Collection
Cupidity: The Regency Page — More than 65 sub-pages on Regency life. Coaching resources, the famous and infamous, the military and war, lifestyle (neckcloths, dandies, marriage, clubs, servants, etc.,) postal history, industrial advances, recipes, and more.
Library of Regency Info Links
The Regency World of author Lesley-Anne McLeod — Informative blog with a myriad of topics covered.
The Regency World of Lesley-Ann McLeod –Webpages giving a glimpse of the sights, scenes, and people of the Regency and their lives.
We Make History – A Regency Era Primer
The Regency Lover’s Cafe
An Elegant Madness: High Society in Regency England (Affiliate Link)
Maiden Fair’s Regency World
Links To The Regency On The Web
BBC – History – Interactive Timeline
Britannia library of links
British History Online — The definitive source for information about everything from The architecture of Almacks to specific political figures.
The Regency Period
English Regency
History on-line 19th Century Links
History World
Regency Era
All About Romance: The Regency & Post-Regency Period by Melinda McRae, Mary Jo Putney, and Jean Mason
Regency Era
The Regency! – All The Charm and All The Elegance
Climate History — mean temperatures in Central England from 1659 to present. Figures are in celsius.
The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913 A fully searchable edition of the largest body of texts detailing the lives of non-elite people ever published, containing 197,745 criminal trials held at London’s central criminal court.
Old and New London — E-text – Walter Thornbury, Old and New London: A Narrative of its History, its People and its Places. Illustrated – excellent source.
The Regency Town House — Interactive museum – focused on the history of the Brighton during the Regency period and on British life in general.
Friends of the English Regency
A Regency Repository
Belgrave House/Regency Reads: Regency Links
Nancy Mayer, Regency Researcher— A most proper authority on all things Regency
Signs, Symbols, & Sigils
Chambers’ 1869 Book of Days — detailed description of historic events, biographies of famous people, and customs and culture.
Regency Era Prime Ministers — handy table by David William Wilkin listing name & title (if any) and dates served

Regency Architecture & Furniture

Decoration of Houses by Edith Wharton— Written in the late 19th century. Wonderful descriptions of walls and window treatments, floors and ceilings, halls, ballrooms and saloons. Trying to figure out what furniture is in your heroine’s bedchamber? This is the place.
J.R. Burrows & Company: Regency Era Carpet – regency house party
Chatsworth — Home of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. (If the page times out, try here.)
Historic Houses of Britain — Historic homes and places.
Regency Taste in Architecture and Style. The World of Jane Austen Gentlewomen.
Regency Homes — Gaelen Foley’s marvelous resource on the layout and structure of Regency townhomes. Complete with photos.
Squares of London — Georgian Index’s outstanding site for descriptions of and tenants living in London’s residential squares during the Regency.
Inns of Old London — alphabetical resource of information on the inns of London and other information on historic buildings in Britain.
Powell’s Books – Regency Furniture by Frances Collard
The Regency Town House – Home
The Regency Town House – Regency History
London in the 19th Century — Buildings and institutions, law and order, commerce, and events.

Regency Dance Links

Regency Dance
Regency dance— encyclopedia article about Regency dance. Free access, no registration needed. what does Regency dance mean? what is Regency dance? provided by The Free Online Encyclopedia.
THE COMMONWEALTH VINTAGE DANCERS — Vintage Dance Events in and around New England. Includes Victorian and Regency dances.
Folk Music — Information and some music – songs sorted by category.
Regency Dancing — everything you want to know about the topic, including dance steps.
E.A.S. – Regency Dance Page
E.A.S. – Regency Repertoire Page
E.A.S – Dances of the Regency Ballroom — Information on the dances of the time.
Capering and Kickery – Real Regency Dancers Don’t Turn Single: Ten Tips for Judging Authenticity
Capering and Kickery: All posts related to Jane Austen and Regency Dancing
Sense and Sensibility Presents: An Elegant Regency BallSense and Sensibility Patterns – Winsome clothing with an old-fashioned appeal.
Dances from Pride and Prejudice — A list of dances (with music) from the 1995 film adaptation.

Regency Fashion

Regency Style
Regency History’s Fashion Page
The Regency Fashion Page — Questions about Regency-era clothing?  You’ll be able to find your answer here!
Regency Style Year-by-Year — A year-by-year summary of happenings, novels, and fashion during the regency period.
Outerwear for Regency Ladies — Guide to understanding ladies outerwear – with fashion plates.
Regency Weddings, Shopping and Fashion
The Regency Neckcloth
In Timely Fashion–Regency Hairstyle 2
The Language of the Fan
Austentation: Regency Accessories
Cabinet Magazine on The Art of Tying the Cravat
The Costumer’s Manifesto
Regency and Empire Fashion Costume Links
Regency Tie Reconstruction
The Regency Dress Page
Eras of Elegance
Regency Fashion History 1800-1825
Regency Fashion Page and Links
Regency and Romantic Era Patterns and Rentals
The Language of the Fan
Jane Austen Centre
Maeve’s Unmentionables
La Belle Assemblee — Selections from the October issue,1812
Notes and illustrations on Regency clothing styles, with 1895 Charles E. Brock illustrations for Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice
Regency Gowns
Details on Gentlemen’s clothing two great pages: Regency Origins (1800s) and Regency Evolution (1800-’30s)
Regency Repository
Tying a Regency Cravat
Jessamyn’s Regency Costume Companion
At the Sign of the Golden Scissors
— excellent 18th Century Milliner and Mantua Maker’s blog — more Georgian than Regency
A Primer on Regency Era Women’s Fashion
A Primer on Regency Era Men’s Fashion
A Regency Primer on 3 Ways to Tie A Cravat

Food and Drink in Regency England

Food and Drink in Regency England — Information, definitions, and recipes.

Gambling in Regency England

Rules of Piquet — Might come in handy…
Whist — The rules for playing Whist and its variations.
A Regency Primer on How to Play Whist
A Regency Primer on How to Play Hazard

Getting Around: Maps & Vehicles

Historical Maps
Dicken’s London — Hyper-linked map of London from Dicken’s works.
1792-9 Map of London
Cary’s 1818 Map of London
More Maps of London, including 1818
1827 Map of London
Greenwood’s Map of London, 1827
1859 Map of London
Georgian London Street and Business Index — Bridges, vendors, street indexes, docks, merchants, squares, distracts and villages.
Equine Data
Side Saddle Lady
Coaching History
Glossary Of Carriages at the Kinross Carriageworks pages
Carriages and Their Parts
London’s First Omnibus – 1829
Regency Vehicles Info
All About the Horse in Romance — Get your horse facts straight! Distances they can cover, types of horses, and English terms.
Horse/Traveling Facts — Jean Ross Ewing/Julia Ross’ excellent resource on the care and feeding of horses, plus how far they can travel.
Regency Transportation
Great North Road — history and construction of, geology, maps, distances between towns.
Getting Around: Carriages in Regency & Victorian Times by Ellen Micheletti
Carriages in Regency and Victorian Times
A Treatise on Carriages – a blog post with many carriage related links, including servants dealing with them
Thames Valley Milestones — Information on Milestones that have been surveyed recently beside roads in the Thames Valley. These surveys were undertaken by Alan Rosevear as part of a national project by the Milestone Society.
Multimap — — find the distance between cities in Europe and Britain
Nature Online — from the Natural History Museum in London. English and Scottish flora and Fauna types by postal code. Plant, animal, and insects.
Going Postal with Jane Austen — Information about the postal system during the Regency period.
Carriers To London
The High Points of London…Geographically Speaking! — over view of the hills of London
A Regency London Landmark Primer – Decoding well-known London landmarks used as a type of shorthand between author and reader
A Regency Primer on London Parks
A Primer on Regency Landmarks Beyond London Decoding well-known landmarks beyond London
Transportation In the Regency Era – Basic types of transportation Available in the Regency Era
Regency Era Horse Sense – Horses as Regency Transportation, Realistic Speed and Endurance
A Regency Era Carriage Primer

Regency Christmas Traditions

Regency Christmas Traditions
More on Regency Christmas Traditions
Christmas Hymns
Jane Austen’s World Archive for the ‘Regency Christmas Traditions’
Christmas in the Regency: Christmas Traditions by Jo Beverley
A Regency Yuletide
A Christmas Gala at Pemberley: A Regency Menu
The Regency Christmas Feast by Michelle J. Hoppe
Christmas in the British Army during the War of 1812 by Robert Henderson
What day of the week was that?
Calendar— Need to know what day Christmas fell on in 1814? The phase of the moon for a specific date in history? Check out this site. It can generate calendars for any year and any country.

Regency New Year’s Traditions

Auld Lang Syne
New Year’s Traditions
A Regency Primer on Christmastide & New Year’s
A Regency Primer on Twelfth Night & Wassailing

Regency Images

The Regency Portrait Page — Portraits and artists from the regency period.
Lyme Park, Cheshire — Images and history of the house that served as Pemberley in the 1995 film adaptation.
Views of London — views of buildings and squares.
Illustrations from the “extended” Regency period
Early 1800’s Images
London Panoramas — 360 degree views of select bridges, squares, parks, etc…

Regency Law

Parliament/Legislation of the United Kingdom — Wikipedia list of legislation from 1601-present day. Not complete.
History of the Thames Division of the Metropolitan Police — Photos, documents, history, etc., from the London’s River Police.
Proceedings of the Old Bailey — contains accounts of 100,000 criminal trials 1674-1834
The Shilling Law Book
Corn Laws of 1815
Brief History During the Snow Era — History of the Newgate Prison.
A Primer on Lawyers in the Regency Era


The Regency Publications — Various publications/periodicals from the Regency period.
Jane Austen and Time — Timelines for Lady Susan, The Watsons, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion, and Sanditon
Library History Database — Libraries in England, Scotland, Wale, and Ireland – up to 1850.
Letters from the Past — provided by The Victorian Web. information about postage costs during The Regency period, franking and who paid what. Many fine examples of period letters.

Regency Manners

Etiquette for the Ballroom — What every lady and gent should know. More victorian as this is from 1880.
Addressing the Duke and Inheriting His Loot — A guide to English titles, forms of address and inheritance laws during the Regency period.
Regency Etiquette: The Mirror of Graces, 1811 (Affiliate Link)
Correct Forms of Address — Are all those titles confusing you? This is one of the best sources out there to straighten you out!
Gaskell’s Compendium of Forms— Late 19th century but sure to be applicable earlier. Written form of address for letters of condolence and apology, dinner invitations, weddings and balls.
Niceties and Courtesies — Manners and customs in Jane Austen’s time.
Good Ton – A resource for Regency readers & writers

Regency Marriage

Regency Weddings — An overview of weddings in the Regency Era.
Georgian Marriages — Information about marriages and marriage licenses during the Regency.
Consanguinity — a table of marital relationships forbidden by the Church of England.
A Regency Marriage Primer
A Regency Primer on Annulment and Divorce

Regency Medicine

The Hall of Contraception — Yes, it’s what you think it is.
Imperial Measures of Volume
Regency Skin Care & Cosmetics — Yvonne Forsling’s excellent website on the topic.
Old Medical Terminology
Domestic Medicine in 1785 by W. Buchan
Apothecary Jars — Information on herbal remedies.

The Military

Regency War
BBC – History – War – The Battle of Waterloo
Christmas in the British Army during the War of 1812 by Robert Henderson
British Army Slang, Napoleonic Era
Late 18th to early 20th century Naval/Marine info links
Adam Firestone’s “The Making of Your Regency/Napoleonic Era Military Hero”

Regency Finances

How Much Is That? — Calculate how much today’s dollar or pound was worth in a specific year.<
Prices and Wages 1700-1725
Current Values of Old Money — Want to learn the history of the pound? How much 10, 000 pounds per annum would be worth today?

The Peerage

British Titles List — Wikipedia list of extant and extinct titles dating from 1066-present. Includes the family name.
The British Peerage System — everything a writer needs to know about the peerage system in Britain. Note: this is a modern point-of-view so some policies have changed.
British Titles of Nobility (An Introduction and Primer to the Peerage)
Introduction to the House of Lords Ceremony –detailed account of the ceremony. It was changed based on the recommendations in this 1998 report.
Peerages in Order of Precedence — Index of genealogies of peers of the realm of Britain that are linked to the royal genealogy by blood or marriage. Great source for last names!


1662 Book of Common Prayer

Regency Slang Links

How to Speak 19th Century
Internation Dialects of English Archive — hear different British accents.
Scots Dictionary
All About Romance: Diane Farr on Regency Language
Regency Slang — Work-in-progress site on period slang (A and B are complete) – also includes articles, quotations, and publications, organized by topic.
Regency Lexicon
Project Guttenberg’s 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue: A Dictionary of Buckish Slang, University Wit, and Pickpocket Eloquence
1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue
Provincial Glossary — by Francis Grose, author of the Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue. Includes local proverbs and superstitions.
Three Centuries of Canting Songs and Slang Rhymes
Nathan Bailey’s Canting Dictionary [thieving slang], 1736 – may be a bit early for Regency Era
Canting Dictionary, 1736 — Slang.
Georgette Heyer – Cant and Slang

Smuggling In the Regency

Smugglers’ Britain –the unedited online version of Richard Platt’s excellent resource.

Regency Society

A Primer on Servants in the Regency Era
Book of Household Management by Isabella Beeton
— Late 19th century, but chock full of advice on how to deal with servants and other household issues. Wonderful period recipes, as well as priceless info on what to do with rancid butter, etc…
Historical Places and Faces from the Regency Period — All in brief.
Lady’s Monthly Museum — Pages from Lady’s Monthly
The Society of London Ladies — Almack’s, Vauxhall Gardens, White’s, and much more about London society.
Making Fire with Flint & Steel — the procedure for lighting fires in the days before Lucifer sticks.
Russian Nobility
Mudeford in Christchurch — The forgotten Regency resort eclipsed by Bournemouth.
Vauxhall Gardens — singers, musicians, performers, proprietors and staff from 1661-1859

Regency Sporting

In Ferro Veritas — Articles on classical fencing.
Classical Fencing and Historical Swordsmanship — Definitions, FAQ’s, weapons, and more…

Romance Writer Links

Kristina Cook’s Links Page
Regency Names — Jo Beverly’s Collection
The Regency Plume Newsletter
Joanna Waugh’s Resources for readers & writers of Regency fiction
Regency Romance Writer: Computer-Generated Romance Stories
British History Online
Charlotte Dillon’s Research Links
How to Develop a Romance Heroine –
How to Develop a Romance Hero –
Gaelen Foley’s Amazing Regency Collection
Literary Liaisons, Ltd.
Leigh’s 1819 New Picture of London — everything the Regency writer needs to know about life in London. From how provisions were supplied, to street indexes, places of worship and public buildings.
The Regency HERO
Regency HERO: timeline
Welcome to The Passionate Pen — A Place for …
Victoriana.Com, Regency Link Directory
Wen Spencer: Naming your characters
Character Building Workshop – Writers’ Village University
Building Fictional Characters
Common Regency Errors
The Phrase Finder
The Word Detective
Writers’ Free Reference

General Writer’s Resouces

The British Library’s photo stream on Flickr, a wonderful resource of old, copyright free images — hard to search though
The Wellcome Library’s image collection, Creative Commons Attribution license images — decent to search
My Craft Book & Wesbite Recommendations

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