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Research Workshops


Besides the resource sections of this website, I want to be able to give back and pay it forward to the writing community. What better way than to develop and offer a set of online research workshops to share some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned about doing research online over the years?

I have been researching various historical eras on the internet since 1993. In addition to using that research to write and run an historical-themed online text-based game for a dozen years and now writing Regency-set historical romances, I’ve also Googled a plethora of other topics to survive two decades of motherhood. A variety of search engines have come and gone, but the essentials of narrowing your search haven’t changed much since the days of card catalogs.

Secrets of a Research Ninja

Everyone’s Googled something at least once, right? But there must be ways to make your searches more efficient, effective and accurate, because no one wants or needs pages and pages of endless irrelevant results.

Would you rather spend more time writing than on a frustrating search for that proverbial needle in an ever-growing haystack?

By the end of this two week class, you will:
– compose better basic Google searches,
– recognize good & bad results,
– use advanced Google searches,
– learn about specialized Google searches, and
– have resources other than Google to use.

This course is designed to help improve ANY area of online research and is by no means limited to or specific to Historical Romance although many examples are drawn from the instructor’s personal experience.

All experience levels welcome.

* Please note Google does not give all countries, Canada for instance, equal access to some options or advanced search methods covered in the course.

Next Session:

Previously taught at From the Heart Romance Writers (FTHRW) and RWASD (as two-2 week sessions), RWA15 PRO Retreat (as a half hour highlight presentation)

For more information or to schedule a group session, please drop me an email!

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