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May 222009

Pedestrian bridge from our hotel to the beach across the PCH.

Pedestrian bridge from our hotel to the beach across the PCH.

DH came home from a business trip this morning and we snuck out of town a little after 6pm. Traffic wasn’t too bad except for the border patrol check point in San Onofre which began moving promptly again at precisely 7:30 pm. Illegal immigrants must abide by the holiday schedule as well, you see.

So we’re all settled in and looking forward to a couple of carefree days. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Border checkpoint? Then I’m guessing you went to Mexico? Hope it was a great long weekend. 🙂

    • Actually, we went north to Huntington Beach, Ca. And yes, 68 miles north of the US/Mexican border, they have a weigh station where the border patrol agents do a look-see into all northbound vehicles on the I-5 interstate. I guess they figure they get a second chance once people relax an hour past the border on their way up to LA.

      It just cracks me up that at precisely 7:30 Friday night, they were off the clock and traffic suddenly started moving again.

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