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Jul 082012

Week 27 of our 365 Photo Challenge.

I suspect this will be a very boring week visually for most of you as I documented the preparations we’ve been doing to get ready to turn the Impending Dog into Our Dog. We were expecting to go up to the breeders for a play/training date today, but instead, they asked if we wanted to bring Olivia home. Since we were mostly ready, we said, SURE!!! But you’ll have to wait until next week for picture proof.

What you see below are links to my flickr set for the photos I’m posting for this challenge. Click on any photo below to go to flickr and then you can navigate through the set with the “Previous” and “Next” arrows at the top.

183/366 Puppy Love
Sun: Jul 01, 2012
  184/366 Puppy Proofing the Loft
Mon: Jul 02, 2012
185/366 Puppy Proofed Staircase
Tue: Jul 03, 2012
186/366 Broccoli Salad for the 4th
Wed: Jul 04, 2012
187/366 High-Tech Water Bowl
Thu: Jul 05, 2012
188/366 The Dog Shelf
Fri: Jul 06, 2012
  189/366 Costco's $20 Dog Bed
Sat: Jul 07, 2012

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