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Mar 112012

This is the tenth week of our 365 Photo Challenge. Hard to believe it’s been 70 days already!

Sorry for the seemingly repeats of the nearly, but not quite full moon. Can you tell I didn’t take any photos during those days and needed something — Anything! — before I went to bed? At least I got ’em. Oh, but look! I don’t always favor that top right quadrant for the moon.

I also remembered to take my camera along today when we picked up my husband from the airport and had lunch at Seaport Village. So there’s at least something other than the moon and the many flowers around my house. I had a hard time picking between the kites, sailboats, various birds, the silver robotic statue guy and the crab on the rocks at the water level that we saw today. It’s been a while since I’ve been down there on a Saturday, forgot about all the street performers who come out on the weekends.

What you see below are links to my flickr set for the photos I’m posting for this challenge. Click on any photo below to go to flickr and then you can navigate through the set with the “Previous” and “Next” arrows at the top.

Sun: Mar 4 26, 2012
Mon: Mar 5, 2012

Tue: Mar 6, 2012

Wed: Mar 7, 2012

Thu: Mar 8, 2012

Fri: Mar 9, 2012
Sat: Mar 10, 2012

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  1. I love the flame picture. It is magical.

    • Thanks, Ciara. I wish I could find a copy of a similar one I took in college that was done with black and white film. I loved that picture and you’re right, there’s just something magical about candlelight!

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